Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow walk continued. . .

The snow is getting deep on the ground and even in the trees!
View from the 9th floor of my apartment building.
Thought this was neat how the snow covered the bushes and made a curvy line against the wall background.
I couldn't see the trail by the replica of Fort Vancouver at the end of the Land Bridge and mistakenly walked the trail east to the fence around the Fort. It was quite deep in places up to my knees!
Now if the snow on this bench were soft and warm, it would make a soft cushion. . . unfortunately, it is only soft to look at and comfortable to one's eyes.
Snow covered slabs of stone that are used as benches during warmer weather.
The fishing pier from the sidewalk and a stone bench along the walkway.
Although this looks like a bench along the pedestrian bridge over Hiway 14, it is really just a cement curbing to keep people out of the flower beds. The unique looking iron fence is to prevent people from jumping over it onto the hiway which runs under it or railroad tracks which run parallel
to the river beyond.


Jenny McB said...

I see that you weren't the only person out and about in the snow...there were people on the fishing pier! Will the snow last there?

Gramma L said...

Love these pictures. The snow covering is just so beautiful. You are a brave woman to be out walking in it. Be careful out there.
Thanks for your nice comments about our new grandbaby.

Lew said...

Great photos of the snow covered scenery! I especially like thesome on the tree in the 1-st and the fences by the fort.

Katney said...

All our snow is gone. The wind is blowing; it's 49ยบ. The power went off four times during our Bible study group, and again after we were home.

SandyCarlson said...

You're happy and enjoying yourself and your new friend the camera! Wow. These are great. I love the way snow turns our world into a beautiful work of abstract art. It's all self-referencing and asking us to take a close look at where we are.

Malyss said...

How beautyful !all seems to be so quiet under the snow. Looking at the pictures is being with you, hearing the noise of your feet in the snow, among the silence everywhere. You must be enjoying!!

Love Bears All Things said...

beautifl. Thanks for sharing.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Looks like you have lots of snow NOW!

More snow landed on us today s everything looks fresh and clean again. YAY!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Ah Paulie, i think you ended up with more snow then we did., I sure am glad that it is over with for awhile.But we sure have been getting a lot of high winds here with many trees down.
I like your new look on here too. how did you get the snowflakes?

RuneE said...

I see you are putting your new camera to good use. We had mayb 10 cm with snow yesterday. Then it started to rain (it is the coast, you know). The result? Ice.

PS Thank you for the nice comment on my new blog! You have good taste - that is also my favourite.

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