Friday, January 30, 2009

My view from/by the peninsula in the Columbia River. . .

I am using my old computer that had crashed 4 years and I refused to pay a fortune to get it fixed. I have been fooling around trying to restore it myself. I think I have it working but all the programs look so ancient. I was able to download about 400 of my latest photos I had on my camera card still. Sooooooooooo, hopefully, I am back blogging while I try to figure a way to get my other computer fixed without bankrupting me.

I took these photos last week in between the two snow days we had. ALL will enlare if you CLICK on them.
At the "entrance" to the peninsula and looking west one has a beautiful view.
Something intrigues me about this tree -- perhaps how the branches go in different directions at certain sections of it.
The blues between the sky and the river help the snow on Mt. Hood to stand out even tho it is just a tiny part of the photo.
Can't leave without a close up of Mt. Hood and the 205 bridge over the Columbia River.


RuneE said...

It was very nice to see that you are back on-line! I hope that you can get the machine working properly again. BTW, this PC is also about four years old, but we have several around the house. Just make those back-ups as fast as you can!

I liked those new pictures (and I enlarged every-one of them). You have used the coastline for a nice framing giving depth to the pictures. That little red dot on the buoy (or what it is) in the second one is one thing I like to do too. A spot of red always enlivens things a bit.

But of course, the last one with the bridge and the mountain must be the favourite. I'll look forward to Monday's bridge! I'll just have to start work on my own.

But first, I'll "walk "my camera...

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I hope you solve your computer woes.

You had 400 photos on your card? That sure is a lot! In the bottom photo, Mt. Hood looks so majestic. Beautiful.

SandyCarlson said...

Glad your blogging lifeline is still going! Great shots, Paulie!

Malyss said...

I'm so glad to see you back!! I hope your old computer will hold on as long as necessary.I love your third photo very much, and also the last one, with Mt Hood.The place you live in seems to be full of nature, even if there is a highway and a bridge, you can show beautyful landscapes..

Love Bears All Things said...

How wonderful it must be to live by the water and have such stunning views.

Kerri said...

These are beautiful! That tree is AWESOME!!
Glad you are back to blogging :)

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