Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Columbia is rising!!!!

I heard about rivers flooding around Washington so I walked down to the Columbia River yesterday. We had two days of rain that melted our 9 days of snow. This is what I found at one spot near downtown. See that old fallen tree trunk? It is usually on the small beach and not in the water. I can usually step out close to the water and photograph Mt. Hood in Oregon. Since it was a blue sky day, I tried to find the mountain but couldn't because of the flood waters and clouds with jsut a speck of blue in that direction. Most of the snow that was clear to the river's edge is also gone.

Now that I finally got one photo uploaded, I will try to catch up on my reading of blogs that I usually visit and hopefully participate in Blog Your Blessings Sunday and Bridges Between Monday also.


Malyss said...

Hi, Paulie!
It's nice to read you again! I read ALL the comments you left on my blog, you must have staid a long time!(and thank you to tell me how to say "merry Christmas" in Hawaïan, it will be useful for the next year!).I hope you'll be able to upload as much as you wish it.Did you understand why it did not work? I'm waiting for your pictures of snow.We also had floods in France, it is something that scares me.
Let's go for this new year of blogging!

Cindi said...

I'd been worried about you paulie. You hadn't posted for well over a week! I'm glad that you're okay.

The river looks really high, based on what you said, but it is a very interesting photo!

dot said...

That's a beautiful clear picture! Glad you were able to get it on blogger.

Love Bears All Things said...

Had you on my mind and was wondering how you were doing. I've been kind of laying off of blogging while I've had Honey bear home.
Blessings on your Sunday,
Mama Bear

SandyCarlson said...

The river looks lovely. As she rises, I hope she stays calm and doesn't go crazy and overflow her banks!

Gramma L said...

It is a lovely picture - even though there is danger in those rising waters.

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