Saturday, January 3, 2009

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If you didn't know it before, I LOVE SNOW! Last week I had a few snow photos to post but for some reason, I could not get even one to upload. I tried and tried. I still can't upload those particular photos so I am trying with some others. . . (possibly my files are too large with this new camera because I can now load two photos and it takes awhile but they finally appear. . . )

I managed to get one photo to upload earlier today. . . and my blessing is 11 days of snow, two rather large snowfalls -- one of them just before Christmas and one on Christmas Day. AND the best part is that winter isn't over yet! Maybe it will snow for my birthday on the 12th????? ANYWAY . . .
I was walking to a friend's home a couple miles off the bus route to visit her like I do often and every Christmas Day. . . you see, my friend had a stroke 4 years ago and doesn't get out much anymore. I thought this scene with the horses and it snowing was very interesting. . . PLEASE click on it to enlarge and see it snowing!!!!!
These poor weeds seem to be drowning in snow and I like the simplicity of the photo.
As you can see, the snow went right down to the Columbia River's edge and meets the broken ice.
This bush has flowers that have curled into "pom poms" shape and almost look like cherries hanging from a tree. You can really see the snow drifts here.
Another shot of the same bush.
This is the scene in front of our apartment building one snowy morning.
Another snowy car down the street. . .
This is the street in front of the historical Fort vancouver replica. I had walked over to the LAND BRIDGE, over it, into the Fort Vancouver's field and around the barracks and finally up this street which looked so beautiful and peaceful that I had to take a photo.
See that chunk of ice in the snowbank? I was shoveling the sidewalks at our apartment building because maintenance doesn't work weekends and I love to shovel snow. . . BUT FIRST, I had to break through the ice chunks that had formed overnight. It was still fun to do the job and many appreciated it.
Look at all that snow! This house is boarded up because the property was bought for a new library, business high rise and condos.

So this has been my blessing for the past two weeks. . . lots of snow!

I have missed visiting everyone and will be around this week again.


SandyCarlson said...

That snow is beautiful! I am glad you have had a good dose of it. I will keep washing my car so the entire northern half of our country can enjoy winter some more.

(Have you ever tried to resize your photos? It's a completely wonderful online photo editor that is easy to use. Made for humans, even. Best of luck with your blog!)

Sue said...

Lovely blessing :) It does certainly make things more pretty! We have lots of snow here in Toronto too :) Beautiful pics my friend!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Okay, I know as a Canadian, those who buy into stereotypes ASSUME we love snow and are almost universally wrong... and those who know better assume we loath the snow... and with me, that's also wrong.

I LOVE big white fluffy flakes!!!

What I don't like is slush... and I'm not crazy about freezing rain... but a good ol' fashioned snowfall, now we're talkin'!

Love Bears All Things said...

I know what a blessing this has been for you since you didn't have much of the white stuff last year. You have some very good photos.
I very seldom try to upload more than one photo at a time.
Mama Bear

Cindi said...

Your snow pictures are really amazing paulie. You have the ability to capture the shots in a way that makes me feel like I'm right there.

Blue Panther said...

Great Photos there!!!

I Love the snow too, but over the years we are having less and less of it. But, I am glad that you are having enough of it this year.

Have a great week ahead.

Kuanyin Moi said...

Mahalo for your visit. My BYB post is now up! Wow--I love looking at snow from a distance, and your page even has snow falling down on it! How creative!

grandi13 said...

Am so glad that you enjoy the snow. I much prefer the warmer temps. We occasionally have snow and while I enjoy watching it fall, I do not care for the mess after.

I enjoyed your pics, especially the horses.

sasha said...

So many people doesn't like the snow, ranting about it. I'm glad you had fun with it :) One of these days, I will also experience that. Too bad ours is a tropical country.

Blessings! Have a great week!

Malyss said...

HOOOW looovvely pictures!!It was worth waiting for them! For me , all what you show is incredible.Your picture with the horses is really beautyful and romantic, it's my favourite.But I also love the one with the empty road; no tracks..You must be alone when you walk under the snow?, a great post!

storyteller said...

What wonderful snowy images you've shared as your blessing. Those of us who seldom (if ever) see snow first hand appreciate your generosity. As for the BYBS logo at Sacred Ruminations, of course you may use it. I thought I'd responded in the affirmative when someone asked previously, but since I don't have your email there's no way to reply directly other than here.
Hugs and blessings,

dot said...

Wow, I bet you are in hog heaven with all that snow. Looks like you are learning that new camera too.

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