Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tutorial 2 for internet friend

Making a Valentine's Day card. . .

For this you will need a number of things but can vary it according to what supplies you have on hand.

This is what I used:

paper cutter
red, white and black card stock pieces (red is the folded card that is half a piece of card stock)
glue stick -- I use photo safe glue sticks
pop it adhesive foam -- I cut one square in half to be economical
2 rubber stamps -- one a picture and one words
opaque white glitter from Stampin Stuff
heat gun
tiny heart corner edger and red paper scraps--sometimes you can get heart paper punches to do this also


First I chose the paper card stock colors. Since I was going to make a Valentine's Day card, I chose red.

I cut a sheet of card stock in half and then folded one side of it in half again to form the basic card.

Then I cut a single sheet of white to fit the front of card, leaving a little border of red around the white front.
I like black card stock with red so I decided to "stamp" my teapot set on black. I trim two edges (one of each size) of the black to fit on top of the red background with a red border still available.

Using a clear stamp pad and then pouring Detail White stampin' powder over it and shaking the excess off onto another paper to return to jar later. (I had tried it with Kaleidoscope powder which looks like a rainbow but it didn't show up enough on the black paper so used the Detail White.) Everything I do is an experiment! Ü

This is what it looked like after I shook the remaining loose powder off the paper. Be sure to blow it off and be careful to not touch it. You can use a small paint brush for this if you have one. If you do accidently touch it and spot it. you can add more powder and shake off again more carefully.

I have a embossing heat tool to do the job. Never try a hair dryer on it because the heat is not hot enough. If you get a heat embosser, get it on sale or with a coupon because they are kinda spendy.

I was intending to just frame the black rectangular background of the teapot on the red

but I changed my mind when I goofed-- yes, I do that now and again -- and printed with the stamp pad, a LINE that should not have been there by the spout. (That happens if you arent' careful and "rock" the stamp instead of just pressing down on it hard.) Thus, I decided to trim around the tea pot a little and use it like a cutout on the white background instead. I never waste anything! Ü

Next, I needed to stamp the greeting and did it on red, with a black border of card stock behind it. I used a black Stazon ink pad for that. That is a permanent ink pad but you can use any regular ink pad instead.

I used photo glue to attach it to a border of black.

I used pop dots to elevate it on the card.

I kept looking at it and something didn't seem right. I needed to "pull it all together. So, I put a black rectangle behind the front white card stock and that did the trick! Everything seemed tied together.

THEN, I NOTICED that I had accidently touched the glitter before I had heated it with the heat gun on the edge of the sugar bowl which meant that part would not come out right so I decided to cover up my mistake with a tiny heart for which I had a cutout "corner" press. (The little rectangle I used to cut out the hearts for this, I can use for another card or the inside of this one or . . . Ü)
Finally, I used three strips of double sided tape on the back of the white rectangle to "glue it" to the background.
Inside, I will write in black pen on the red back of the inside card: "Have a cup of tea and think of me, friend!" On top of that I will place a piece of pink vellum with two glue dots at the top and then cover that with a strip of red paper to give it a finished look. I will sign my name at the bottom on the vellum. (I could have also typed those words but my printer is out of ink presently.) I will enclose a special tea bag and it is ready to mail.

Alternate way to make this card if you don't have a heat gun for embossing:

Use a light colored stamp pad for the tea pot on the black OR stamp directly on the white sheet in any color you choose for the tea pot.


Follow directions for red, black and white backgrounds and stamp on white card directly with black both tea setting and words.


Malyss said...

This stamp with the teapot is really lovely.And your result after all this work is really great.I keep the idea and will try to do like you.Thanks for teaching!

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed the tutorial.

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