Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why I haven't been around to visit blogs yet today. . .

See that beautiful blue sky backdrop? YES! It belongs to us here in Vancouver and surrounding vicinity. After days and days of fog, we have BLUE SKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a long walk along the river today. walking part way to Wintler Park and then to Marine Park and a bit more to catch the bus home. I have lots of wonderful photos to share in the coming days.

I even saw Mt. Hood in Oregon because we had clear skies! It's been a long time since we had a clear sky day to see Mt. Hood. So, while the people back east are "freezing to death," we are experiencing temperatures in the lower 50's this week. . . I had a wonderful day out walking.

I will be around to visit my regular bunch tonight. . .
My friend at "Bears in Exile -- Return Home" reminded me they are Sweet Gum Burrs that I photographed the blue sky background through. Thanks! I could not remember the name.


Malyss said...

Even when we love winter and snow, it's good to see the sun again. Life seems suddenly lighter and we can breath more easily.

Katney said...

Fog here. I can almost see the tree in the back yard.

Love Bears All Things said...

Enjoy those blue skies and mild temperatures while you can, my friend.
Did you remember that those are Sweet Gum Burrs?

Chloe said...

The skies were blue in San Francisco,too! It is so foggy at home, it is unbelievable that the sky can be blue anywhere.

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