Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A sad note

I can blog by using the commuunity room (in my apt. building) computer BUT I can't upload photos so this may be the end of my blogging days. I don't know. If my computer crashed -- which is a good possibility -- then I have no photos and what is my blog without a photo for the postcards? I don't know what I did wrong on my computer -- maybe uploaded too many photos to iPhoto? (I meant to get them taken off and burned on CDs but didn't get around to it. sigh

I had such a great entry for Bridges Between coming up next Monday. I also had two wonderful days of snow photos I took this week. Maybe I can fix it. Maybe I can fix an older computer. I don't know but a few prayers wouldn't hurt.

I will still come up to the computer room and read blogs until I have found a personal solution. Check back to see if I have found a way to keep blogging. If I never return, thanks for the memories.

If I lost all the photos on my computer, then that means I won't be able to upload the ones I have taken --but not gotten on the blog -- of "Turtle Place" and "Kiggins House" remodel either. That makes me really sad as that was my project next week to catch up.


Love Bears All Things said...

It is sad but all may not be lost. Ask around and see if you can find someone who is knowlegable about computers and might work on it for you for a small fee. Maybe you could even barter for their time. Daughter's computer crashed a while back. She did lose some of her photos. Son by law was able to retrieve much of her info from her hard drive. Now she has an auxillary hard drive to back up to, just in case.
Just this week, I backed up all my documents to a flash drive. We should all do this before it is too late.
Hopefully, things can be salvaged. I know it is devistating.
Mama Bear

Linda said...

Oh Paulie, this is terrible. I know you must be heart broken over the photos. Maybe you could take it somewhere to see if they can fix it. Hopefully things will get better. I love your blog and pictures.

SandyCarlson said...

Perhaps there is help out there, Paulie! Perhaps you can load your pictures through the community room computers or put them on a thumb drive and do it that way.

Malyss said...

Your photos are not really lost. There are inside the computer, in the "hard disc";You must find someone who'll be able to go and take them away on a disc to save them.
As Sandy said, maybe you could post from your community room computer?I know you like to write: at least, you could go on blogging with only writing until your computer is repaired?Whatever , you must know that we will be waiting for you. Don' despair, you'll find a solution, You MUST!
I'm sure about that and will keep waiting for you.

Hyde DP said...

Another reminder of the need to backup often - hope you recover something at least.

RuneE said...

That was sad to hear, but as was said in another comment, data can usually be saved from a hard-disk. If it is the computer as such that has developed a problem, all your data should be safe and another computer should be able to read the hard disk.

Then, of course you must by en external hard disk - or two...

I hope you get the problems sorted out!

PS Thank you for the comment! Regarding the composition I quite agree with you, but I'm not quite satisfied with the conversion to B6W. I may come back to that later.

SandyCarlson said...

Just remembered....There is a smart memory card out there now (about $100) with which you can send photos directly to a computer without a cable. This might be worth looking into. Good luck. Please don't disappear!

dot said...

I hope you can get things worked out. I would certainly miss you if you weren't here.

Kerri said...

Oh, so sorry!! Hope you can get it fixed!!

Jenny McB said...

I upload a lot of photos to flickr which may help you to use the computer in the building. Good luck getting it fixed or at least recovered.

I have iphoto and can say that I am not thrilled, photos on a pc are much more straightforward.

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