Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flooding in WA state. . .

We had 12 days of snow lately and across the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, they had 15 days of snow. Then the rain came and we have had 4 days of rain. There's no place for all that melted snow/rain to go -- so it floods over the banks as the Columbia River rises.
I showed you this photo last Sunday when I titled the post "The Columbia is rising" -- I put it back on this entry to compare my photos from today. The little spot I took the photos has a small beach but big enough to walk on for a few yards and take a wonderful photo of Mt. Hood in the east across the river but not now.

The log on the small beach is now in the river submerged -- only the V shaped limbs are seen above the water.
Well, the Columbia is overflowing its banks but we do not have floods like Chehalis or Centralia and for that I am thankful. It is 51 degrees outside today. I am hoping that we get some more snow but it doesn't look like that will happen any too soon. . . definitely not in time for my birthday. . .


Love Bears All Things said...

We have had flooding too from all of the rain in December and January. The addy for the Scrabble game is
It is fun and helps time to pass.
Mama Bear

Cindi said...

I was wondering if the flooding was having an affect on where you live. Stay safe!

SandyCarlson said...

Amazing. Thanks for taking us back to the river. I am glad you don't have flooding. I hope all will be well out there.

Your photos show me a part of this country that I want to see very much! Thanks for introducing me.

God bless.

RuneE said...

At least it gave rise to some interesting pictures and grounds for comparison. I ALWAYS carry a small compact in my belt.

diXymiss said...

Great shots! There is flooding here as well. With I-5 and mountain passes closed, it makes for a real mess! Thankfully, it was drier today ~ we even saw a peek of the sun! Wow, Centralia sure has been hit hard (2 yrs. running). Hope you are safe and dry? ThanX for stopping by and taking time to comment. (I answered your Q's over there)

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