Monday, November 24, 2008

Trying Scrapblog again with more snow themes. . .

This is a new scrapblog I made here

I know it takes awhile to upload the scrapblog but if you are patient you can see three more winter theme pages and three new poems also. Of course, you can always go directly there with the link at the top of page and see how scrapin' makes my photos interesting. I am learning to add more features now also. Click on the arrows of the scrapblog to see all three pages.

The first page poems and photos:

Snow Blanket

As far as my eyes could see,
God had covered the earth
with white snow.

For me -- pure joy!

The second page poem and photos:

Winter Coats

Although they don their winter coats now,
it won't be long
before the garments of winter are shed
and summer activities
transform fishing piers, flowering bushes and swimming sprinkler benches
Enjoy God's white treasure now like it is the last!

The third page poem and photos:

Winter Wonders

Snow capped posts line up like penguins
marching to the North Pole.
A blanket of snowflakes covers the bench
I'd paused to rest in the warmth of summers past.
Evergreen branches are frosted with snow
like sugar cookies at Christmastime.
With views like these ,we don't need to wonder why
God said, "Let there be snow upon the earth."


Malyss said...

Hey, two pictures with benches!!it seems you were interested by benches even before to realize it!
Snow is very inspiring to you. I thank you for sharing , it is always so beautyful..

Lilli & Nevada said...

These are beautiful and the poem is very good.
Happy turkey day if i don't get to come back over before

RuneE said...

No problems with the uploading and I enjoyed the post tremendously snow, benches and all ;-)

PS Thank you for the comments - I have a stone bench that I should have posted. I'll see if I can gat around to it one of these days.

PPS The frost left us yesterday. Now it is 7 degrees C.

Love Bears All Things said...

Dear Paulie,
I've been away from my computer for the last 4 days so I am behind. I always try to read your latest post on Dashboard whenever I get a chance. How are things with you, these days? You've not posted much about your life there recently. I hope you are having a good time waiting on the snow.
Mama Bear

Gramma L said...

The snow and the poems are lovely.

SandyCarlson said...

More gems here, Paulie! Great stuff.

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