Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's still Autumn!!!!!! (But winter can't be far behind!)

Wednesday was soooooooo cold and rainy! I think we got over an inch of rain according to the weatherman. Other cities not too far away are having rivers flood over their banks now. . .

I got really sick Tuesday and didn't notice. It must be a bug going around as I felt perfectly fine during quilting but got sick during chime practice in late afternoon. Anyway, I haven't posted for a few days so thought I would add a few more signs of autumn again. I don't mind it getting cold out because I know winter will soon be around the corner and I LOVE WINTER!

The colors are so vibrant on the trees now.

I don't know what kind of tree this leaf is from but it looks like a heart to me. . .


Katney said...

I am disappointed in you Paulie. I expected the word "SNOW" to appear in this post at least two or three times. I guess the "I love winter" will have to suffice.

The leaf is from a ginkgo tree. They look more like a fan to me than a heart--but that' one of the great things about life and nature--everyone has their own viewpoint.

calken said...

I like your snaps of trees. By the way those heart-shaped leaves are from ginko trees, the world's oldest known species of tree.


calken said...

I like your snaps of trees. By the way, the heart-shaped leaves are from ginko trees, the world's oldest known species of trees.


Malyss said...

The red tree is simply incredible! we have no trees like that around here.But what I like the most is the color of the sky behind the yellow tree, those grey clouds are the real promise of winter!

RuneE said...

You do have the colours indeed - I agree with you about those, but I'm not so sure about the winter.

BTW _ I have a moon for you here. The text is Norwegian, but it doesn't matter much. I'm afraid that the comments are for members only.

becky voyles said...

WOW!!! You did good! love the orange tree & the leaves.

Gramma L said...

Love that yellow tree. The color is brillant.
Very lovely pictures.

Lilli & Nevada said...

those photos of the trees are so vibrant what a great set of photos.

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