Thursday, November 13, 2008

Full Moon Tonight

The other night, I took some photos of the moon that was not quite full but neat looking anyway. I looked on the community calendar and it said FULL MOON tonight so I went hunting for it at dusk because we had a clear blue sky (dry) day today after yesterday's torrent of rain. I couldn't see it anywhere! What a big disappointment. I knew clouds had not moved in to cover it up and I was looking to the east. . .WELL, I didn't give up, I went out a half hour later and was rewarded with the biggest moon I ever saw!

When I downloaded the photos, I was a bit disappointed because it was just a BIG white circle in the sky. No detail, like earlier before it was full. IT was a huge moon tho. One of the photos had a mist surrounding it and another had a more solid circular area. . . I did manage to get some new shots of it tonight but think I was happier with the photos from the other day with the size/closeness of the moon in person. CLICK on to make bigger for details.


Katney said...

I managed a lucky moonshot tonight, too. It can be hard to get it just as you want--and of course, the clouds sometimes interfere. I used my camera with the zoom, and propped it on a post so it wouldn't wiggle.

storyteller said...

I’m looking at this sequence backward … but this is how MY moon photos look at best … unless I shoot them during the late afternoon rather than at night.
Hugs and blessings,

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