Monday, November 24, 2008

Paper clothes

I know awhile back, they tried to sell us disposable clothes but this paper skirt has gone too far. Are times really that bad? I know the price of a daily newspaper went up 50 cents recently so maybe this outfit isn't as cheap as I thought. . . OOPS took another look at the original photos and it is sheet music that was torn from an old music book. The name of the store is Urban Eccentric. . .


Katney said...

A great display and you could have made it an Odd Shot today! I almost didn't have one today--checked last night and had my generic--'I don't have a shot but this is here so you can find each other" post, so I looked to see that I had the fireplug. I am not sure if the connection is actually accessible on it, if so, it is barely.

dot said...

You are shopping at some strange places. haha
I won't be blogging again until after Thanksgiving. Hope you have a good one!

SandyCarlson said...

The store is aptly named, to be sure! That skirt in fabric would be adorable! I enjoyed your post and the photo. Thanks.

Malyss said...

How strange.. Better not to wear that kind of skirt during a rainy day...Ü

Love Bears All Things said...

I saw a paper dress on Yankee Road Show on PBS this week that was worth a lot of money. It was made from phone book pages. They called it vintage so it must have been old.
I know they use disaposable paper gowns and scrubs in hospitals. I have trouble buying a newpaper because of the waste, even when I recycle.
Mama Bear

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