Thursday, November 20, 2008

An experiment

Well, it worked but it is hard to read my poems on a tiny background that doesn't enlarge or to see them on the shaded background since they are written in black. I guess I will try something else. Click on "scrapblog" if you want to start your own album there.

CLICK on the photos below to see them better. . .


Snow . . .

Water . . .

Both I love.

Both in one -

A gift!


Is the sunset, that stirs up the clouds, more beautiful


the river beneath?

Not to me . . .

They compliment each other when together

But their individual beauty reveals itself

When the other is absent.


RuneE said...

I agree with you - I prefer you photos and poems "as is". On your own blog you can decide for yourself how you want it.

Thank you for the comments! The whole area, next to a very old stadium (I may post something about that some time), was full of them. They looked like they had been torn down and just dumped there.

Jenny McB said...

If you go to the bottom of the page at scrapblog, there is a forum button and in the forum there are tips/hints and techniques.

I had fun doing one with old pictures from my dad's family and played with the background.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh Paulie, these are beautiful, have not heard of scrapblog is it new?

Malyss said...

I love the picture of snow(probably because there's never snow here...)and I like your second poem, very simple but elegant and light..
I'll go and try scrapblog, but it's always explained in english and it's difficult to understand foreign vocabulary about computers (it's already difficult to understand it in my own language!!)

dot said...

I've never heard of scrapblog and I'm not so sure I want to either.
Your pictures and poems are beautiful.

storyteller said...

More lovely photos and poetry here. I'm glad you've opened up these explorations as a result of Sandy's suggestions and your discovery of Scrapblog.

You asked about how to back up a blog. Check out Melissa's post on this topic at Part of Everything. If you have questions, drop me an email and I'll share my experiences with Blogger and WordPress thus far.
Hugs and blessings,

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