Monday, July 27, 2009

My Mt. Rainier Vacation -- Part 1

Spending 5 beautiful, sunny days on Mt. Rainier with Katney this summer was quite the experience. This is the second time I have been to Mt. Rainier with her camping. This time, there were 5 of us: Katney from Katney's Kaboodle and her hubby; Martha from Martha's Musings and her hubby; and ME! I used a tent
while Katney and hubby enjoyed sleeping in their their Little Guy trailer and Martha and hubby had a neat van camper, complete with everything including hot water!

Growing up, I was a Girl Scout and later, a GS leader for many years, so am used to tent camping and enjoy it. This time I also helped cook by making Fajitas our first evening there and Breakfast Burros one morning later on.

After setting up camp, we went for a short hike at the Trail of Shadows and then hung across the street around taking photos of this deer

and the sunset over the mountains in Longmire by the National Park Inn where two ladies were playing autoharps on the veranda and others were just watching the deer and sunset from comfortable chairs. . . I took photos of the ladies but they did not turn out well so won't share them.

(to be continued. . . )


cieldequimper said...

Ahhhhhh!!! You see!!!! Thank you for these!

Malyss said...

Great!! Finally, you did it!!
I'm so glad to discover your pictures; And The snow!!in summer! Was it not cold in the tent during the night?You surely had a great time with your friends. How lucky!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I'm glad you had a fun time. Nothing beats being out in the fresh air with nature all around!

Blue Panther said...

Really beautiful pictures there!

I am visiting the blog after quite a bit of time. Feels good to be on here.I hope you have a really great week ahead.

RuneE said...

I'm glad to see that you have have got it working again. It seems to have been some tour - and snow at that latitude in July?

Cindi said...

What absolutely beautiful shots! I love your photo of Mt. Rainier...the snow on it looks great.

You're a brave soul, sleeping out in a tent. My idea of camping is sleeping with a window open!

SandyCarlson said...

These are wonderful shots. Your photo of the mountain is stellar. Exciting. Thanks.

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