Sunday, July 26, 2009

I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried for days to upload the photos I wanted to for my Rainier camping trip. My computer keeps turning off during the uploading even when I upload only one photo to blogger at a time. I tried uploading one photo to Image Shack and it worked for one time. The second time I tried, the computer shut down again. I don't know what is the matter besides it being an 8 year old computer. I checked the plugs and connections. Maybe I jsut need to reload everything but I would hate to lose the photos I have on it and not burned into CD's yet.

I will try sometime in the near future to use the rec room computers upstairs (PC) with my CD I made from the first half of my camping trip. (It made 9 CD's.) I haven't made the last 400 photos from my trip into a CD yet because the card isn't full. I suppose I could take my camera with me upstairs and plug it in there if I take my adapter. . . Just thinking! Ü How I wish I had a good working computer. Maybe it will cost less to repair one of them than to buy a new one. I am just so discouraged. It will be months before I can buy a new computer.

Maybe I will just go read blogs and forget blogging myself. I don't know. That's not much fun. Maybe I will take a break.



cieldequimper said...

Please don't give up! It can be really annoying but in the end you'll find a way and I get to see Rainier. Yes, I know, I'm selfish, sorry!

Ackworth born said...

make backing up your stuff onto different media your priority.

come back to blogging once you've sorted that out.

Malyss said...

I send you a long mail to tell you what I think.

Katney said...

Hang in there, Paulie. you will fid a way and everyone will be patient. My laptop is running incredibly slow ecause I have loaded it with too many pictures and I still haven't fixed the other one that has more memory and is much easier to use. I know it's a quick and easy fix, but I don't want to take it in to someone I have to pay and hope I last out till I can visit one of my techie kids to do it.

RuneE said...

I side with Gerald - save the pictures you have got while you still have them. Take the time you need to sort out the rest. We can wair.

PS If there is anything we can do. just say so.

Cindi said...

Persistence my dear...persistence. It eventually pays off.

SandyCarlson said...

I am sorry about your frustration. I can feel it.

Blogger and I had to come to a new arrangement when I ran out of space. Now I upload to Slide dot com and paste in the code. No bother at all.

Good luck, friend

Katney said...

I'm in that decision mode, too, as you know since my laptop just quit after we got home. I'd been using it for most everything since the desktop internet connection went haywire a few months ago. Two computers and neither of them working. I got some help from the Geek Squad, and at least have recovered all my files. I have gone through nine tech support people including two friends locally and am about to call my son/ and or son-in-law to give them the sum of the information I have collected for advice on wht to do next.

Oh, I see that I had already commented to this post and said it was an easy fix--famous last words!

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