Friday, July 24, 2009

Good news

They weren't lost. I just didn't realize I had uploaded the two photos that are among the 18 you can take without a card. I recently clicked on the button that said "view all" and there they were -- over 800 photos! I have 400 hundred to still look at because I can't upload them to my photo program on this old computer so am slowly sorting them. I hope to blog again in a day or so. Thanks for dropping by.


Malyss said...

Very good news!!
I'm impatient to discover your pictures ..

RuneE said...

Nice to see that all is well with the photos!

Rob Clack said...

800??? You'll be busy for a year!

Love Bears All Things said...

That's great that you didn't lose them. We went on a vacation to Charleston a long time ago, took lots of 35mm photos and when we got home realized there was no film in the camera. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.
Mama Bear

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