Sunday, October 26, 2008

ODD SHOT MONDAY-- Balloon with invisible string

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I was riding the bus, on my way to Walmart, when I saw this. Got off the bus and took a photo of it. Even when I enlarged it, it does not reveal a string. . . HOW does it stay in the same place? I am sure there is a string but it is invisible to me!


Cindi said...

I bet the string was white and just faded into the color of the sky. The balloon looks cool up there, though, with nothing else around it.

Aileni said...

As a guy I once knew would say - 'It's UFO mate'.

Katney said...

I'm sorry if I did not comment here when it went up. I do know that I did come by. I was catching up after being gone a few days,t hough, so may have jsut rushed by.

becky voyles said...

Maybe it was one of those clear fishing line type of strings which you cannot see...?

RuneE said...

I'm sorry if I missed this one last week!

What you see is probably a lost helium-balloon of some sort. They rise until they explode. The ones made out of aluminium can in fact be a problem for radar/air traffic since they reflect radar.

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