Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blog Your Blessing Sunday --Time and Talents. . .

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The end of July, I was asked to help make two tops for two full sized quilts for young girls by the middle of October or so. Well, I made the two quilt tops by myself and thought the rest of the quilting team were going to add the batting, back material and sew together and then another lady would tie it. It didn't happen that way. . . I ended up with the whole responsibility and I had never backed a quilt in my life much less sewed all three pieces together. I also was used to making quilt tops the size of a twin bed for the VA hospital, not full size quilts. I probably should have made them all square pieces and not tried making borders to make it wider.

I just found out last Sunday that the lady who usually sews the three parts together has company from Alaska and can't help AND to top it off, the lady who ordered them at our Christmas in July sale (the last week of July) had told me it would be the second week of October or so before she needed them. Now, the deadline is a week earlier and I have to make them both completely because she needs them before the quilters meet again!

I had a hard time finding blue and green and purple and blue material that was "girlie" for the requested quilts. I looked first in our quilter's stash of material and then went shopping. I also used some of my own material stash I had for my personal use at home. I finally came up with the materials I needed and cut them out and sewed the squares of the one and then I had problems getting the edging on the blocks. I asked for help at the September quilter's meeting but no one knew what to do. I was on my own. I put that one aside and started working on the second one.

The money we got for them was already donated to the VA hospital chapel fund for special chairs for people of all kinds of disabilities to be able to sit comfortably in the chapel. There was no way to get it back. . . I thought my only "escape" was to repay the 200 dollars for the two quilts out of my saved "Christmas fund." Having no alternative, I decided to try to make the quilts completely myself. I couldn't afford to pay the lady back with my money just because we couldn't meet a deadline.

OK, so where's my blessing out of all this. . . seems more like a bane to me and all . . . at first look. Actually, in three days, I was able to get the first one finished and if I say so . . . it looks pretty darn good!

I am writing this while taking a short break from working on the second quilt. I know I won't have it finished by Sunday but they aren't leaving until the following Sunday so maybe they will compromise and meet me during the week for pick up. If not, I have two new quilts and no shopping money for Christmas. If you want to see the other one, you might have to return another day! Ü

This challenge is my blessing. It has taught me I can when I trust God to help me. . . did you know He ties quilts? I pray that the tie He does with me in this quilting project is that the two girls who get to use them, know Him and share His love with others; that each time they use their quilt to keep them wrapped up warm and snug, they will feel God's presence because it is HE Who helped me accomplish this quilting task I never thought I could do. I thank God for helping me make these quilts. Yes, that is my blessing this week!

I didn't get the 2nd one finished. My eyes are too tired. I need some sleep. I tried my best. . . I will take the one quilt to church tomorrow to show them and ask for an extension until Wednesday or Thursday. If they say no, then I will just give them my 200 dollars savings to replace their money and keep the quilts. If I weren't so tired staying awake for so many nights, I could have gotten it finished and will in a couple more days at the most. . . Lord, give them patience and me the strength to accomplish this task so it can complete the circle of blessings for all.


Nellie said...

The quilt is beautiful!! Please show the other one when God and you finish it.
Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things------------------------strengthens me."

SandyCarlson said...

Most excellent. You rose to quite a challenge there. This post reminds me of what we are capable of as well as the danger of group projects! Participating in one requires first knowing whether or not we can carry the whole load!

Malyss said...

the real blessings should be for yourself: you found deep inside of you resources that you didn't know to have.You had the force to work even when you were tired, the idea to find solutions, and the perseverance to go on your project, even when problems proud of yourself!

Katney said...
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Sue said...

Best wishes for the completion of the 2nd one!

Lilli & Nevada said...

what a beautiful quilt Paulie, i wish i had the want to sew but never was inspired, and you would think so with my mother being a seamstress, but i never had the desire. But sure envy those that do it.

Gramma L said...

Beautiful job. I have found that its during those times when we have to rely fully on God is when we experience the most blessings.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

They look wonderful! Good job and a good cause!

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, Bless you, Paulie! I can tell that you were blessed through this challenge. I'm sure in the beginning you sere discouraged because it didn't go the way you thought it was going to go. I think you did an wonderful job on this quilt. I'm sure it will be a blessing to the one who uses it.

I do not do well under pressure or with deadlines. Under the stress of both, you've come through. I'm sure you'll finish and they'll accept the delay.
Bless you,
Mama Bear

storyteller said...

Like you, I tend to view challenges as ‘blessings’ … perverse though some family members and friends find this to be. I admire you for stepping up to accept this challenge … stepping out in faith to make it work. The quilt DOES look lovely … much better than anything I could have managed. I’ll look forward to seeing the remaining one whenever you finish and share. Resting when tired is always wise … and your best is ALWAYS good enough!
Hugs and blessings,

Whatever said...

Isn't it strange how what we think we are able to do will often times translate into what we actually do? It's always good when a situation like this helps you understand what the two are not the same.

dot said...

Paulie that is a beautiful quilt!! You are such an inspiration that you make me ashamed about how I'm always gripping and complaining to you.

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