Saturday, August 22, 2009

My 7 blue things in photos challenge. . .

I perused my photos on this old computer and found a few things I could call BLUE for this challenge that Malyss offered me. Hope she enjoys them. If anyone else wants to do this challenge, let me know and I will come by and see your choices too.
BLUE all around Mt. Hood.
Sailing on the Blue Columbia River.
Blue setee bench.
Blue and white Iris.

Blue license plate.
BLUE airplane at Pearson Airpark display.
Wild BLUE yonder sky.

AND one extra for good measure! Ü
Blue oil spot.

IF you still didn't get enough BLUE, there 's another blue flower in the post below!


cieldequimper said...

Lovely bunch of blues. I especially like the last one, it's funny!

Malyss said...

Well done, Paulie!Most of your blue are very unusual, flowers are beautyful, and the "Oregon" in blue is great too! Thank you for having played the game!

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