Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you see what I see?

We were setting up camp and getting dinner ready on Mt. Rainier when I spotted this bird flying to the tree overhead. I forget what it is called but if Katney reads this, she might remind me. It likes to steal food.


Malyss said...

it looks like a little kind of falcon..

Tom said...

Hello my friend...
Thank you for stopping by my blog again... I had to call over today as its the first chance I've had....
I can not help with what the bird is... but I can say that the tree pictures below are stunning.. I can see all sort of things in them.... my kind of pictures for sure.

I have a Bench on show right now over on my
Wiggers World blog... if you get chance drop by.

ave a great weekend

Your EG Tour Guide said...

A bird that likes to seal food? Can't help you there. Sorry!

SandyCarlson said...

I hope you get an answer. You have a good eye.

RuneE said...

I echo Tom's comment - I don't know the birds, but those tree stubs and trunks were grand. You should do more of those if you get a chance.

Love Bears All Things said...

Can't tell, either.
Mama Bear

Katney said...

I think it's a gray jay, but it could be a Clark's nutcatcher (or nutcracker). One has a black head and one a gray head and I can never remember which is which. I did positively identify it for a real birder yesterday. He had tentatively identified it and when I said it's either, it confirmed it for him.

They are often known as Camp Robbers. And yes they do steal food. I once had one snatch a strip of bacon from my table while I was cooking the eggs. They are one of the animals which easily becomes habituated to humans when they feed them, causing them to identify people with food and the subsequent assertive begging.

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