Saturday, April 4, 2009

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I saw a pretty dandelion so I took a photo of it. . .
and another.
Then, I found one that hadn't opened yet. . .
and then decided to take a photo of just part of it. . .
AND THEN, we had a visitor!
It stayed on without bothering me or noticing that I had a camera. . . or maybe it thought it had the better choice.
It was more interested in the nectar it had found than an intruder with a camera.
So, in the end, we were both happy. It feasted and I got my shots in before it decided to go elsewhere.

Simple things that make one smile and are unexpected are definitely a blessing. I hope it blessed your day with a bit of joy in seeing it too!


Lilli & Nevada said...

Your getting so good at taking these macro's there just gorgeous.
And yes i really do love my critters, even ones that i won't be keeping. Boy will it be hard to let go of them when the time comes and it won't be long either.

cieldequimper said...

Lucky you, the photos are gorgeous! We seem to have less and less bees and bumblebees. :-(

Malyss said...

Your pictures put a smile on my face! I like this beast eating without noticing you were above taking pictures!
In France, this flower is called "pissenlit", and in the older times, poor people used to eat it!

Rohit Sharma said...

Flower, Visitor, You, Smile, Happiness and Blessings.

It needs an x-ray vision to plot an Entity Relationship Diagram.

Beautifully Done,
Cheers :-)

Katney said...

Well, you may miss the larger zoom, but you are making up for it in your macors.

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, man, these are awesome photos. I love dandelions. They are drops of sunshine rising from the earth. They are pretty. Plain and simple.

I look at them and wonder, "What's the problem?" No answer comes.

And that is the answer.

God bless.

RuneE said...

Here you have some great shots. Your spring has sprung more than ours, to put it like that, but there were bumblebees at our cottage yesterday.

Seemu said...


Daisy said...

Dandelions are one of my fave flowers! I like them too when they haven't bloomed yet and those little feathers come flying about. We call it "wishing feathers".

Thanks for the reminder about linking Neo I'll be updating my post now. :-)

becky aka theRAV said...

Great close up of the bee!

Anonymous said...

Love that visitor! What awesome photography!

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