Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So we had a little rain at Rainier. . .

This is my last post about my camping trip to Mt. Rainier with Katney and her hubby. YES, we had rain at Rainier. . . Ü It sure made the plants beautiful with water droplets clinging to them and some ready to drop off any minute. If you want to see the real beauty, CLICK on each to enlarge to get the best viewing of the raindrops.


Malyss said...

Great photos of raindrops!
I like rain, maybe because I live in a place where it rains very seldom.Your pictures are so well made that they seem to give real refreshness!great shots!

Katney said...

One of the rangers told us that it was just bad timing that we found unseasonable weather each time we visited Rainier this summer, because as far as he noticed, it was sunny as much as normal. For hubby and me, that included a June blizzard, a huge thunderstorm, lots of fog, as well as our rainy trip.

I love all sorts of weather at Mt. Rainier, but it is nice if it is clear if you don't get to visit as often as hubby and I do.

Gramma L said...

These pictures are so lovely. Those droplets of water almost looks like ice crystals.

dot said...

I must say I've never seen raindrops look so pretty!

ArneA said...

no problem.
Think about a world with no rain, no water, no life no world.
and raindrops without beauty
Be happy

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