Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Your Blessings Sunday #43

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This week, my blessing is the privilege of having a tour of the Kiggins House that the new owner is re-modeling to live in --he hopes to have it completed by Christmas. The house was built 101 years ago and it was given to the new owner for the moving costs. I took photos of the move on June 1st. until I had to catch the bus to get to church. It took all day to move that three story house. You can read about that on my old blog 00 the one about Kiggins House . Click on proflle to find. here

Mr. Wood has re-modeled several homes in Vancouver, including the one he lives in presently that is next door . . . and now, this one, he hopes to move into by Christmas. I had to enter through the basement and climb a ladder to the first floor because there is no stairway to the front door yet. . . I have been blogging about it on my Kiggins blog but got behind when I had my accident and am trying hard to catch up now.

Even tho I have lived here since '85, I had never seen the inside of this historical house because it was being used for offices and I had no business with anyone located there.

I took it upon myself to take photos and make a blog about this endeavor. Bruce did not know about this until one day, a lady in the office across the street saw me there frequently, taking photos and when she Googled " Kiggins House" on the internet, she found my blog and let the owners know. She also left me a comment on my blog which made me a bit shy about going over there and taking more photos but I continued anyway and one day Bruce introduced himself and said it was just fine. Then his wife talked to me shortly after that and said she was happy that her sister in Australia could see what was happening. They have been very nice to me about continuing "my" project. . . in fact, Bruce told me that once the house was on the foundation, he would give me a tour.

I thought it would never happen. . . lots of delays in getting the house settled on the foundation because of other commitments with FEMA of the company doing it. . .

Last week on Friday, Bruce said he would give me the tour this week. I showed up every day for a short time but he was busy and probably didn't see me. I took a couple photos and went home. On Thursday, I was resigning myself to it being postponed again but Judith saw me and we were chatting when Bruce came over and asked if I was ready for the tour. I would have to climb a ladder-- "would I be able to do that after my fall a month or so ago?" I said, "ABSOLUTELY!" and off we went. Although he got several phone calls, he continued to show me throughout the whole 3 story house and the basement/garage. It was a marvelous tour and one day soon -- when I get caught up with older posts from the remodel, I will have it online for everyone to see. Remember, this is the re-modeling stages photos. One day, I hope to get more photos when it is completed.

The photo that I have included as a tease . . . is a closet in the wall located on the staircase going to the third floor. When it is closed, it has the bannister on the door of it. The stairs in front of it are different too. You will just have to wait and see. Ü

Sooooooo, my blessing this week has been Mr. Wood giving me the opportunity to see this old 101 year old house inside before it gets the final re-model.


Sue said...

I love historical homes, so I can truly appreciate what a treat this was for you! Have a wonderful week ahead!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Oh, that is a BIG blessing! I am so jealous... any chance to go exploring an old and historic place is an absolute joy for me... well, "us"... as well!

Cindi said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I'm glad that you're following this wonderful transformation and keeping us up to date with all the changes. Mr. Wood has undertaken quite a task, but since he's been through it before, I'm sure he's well aware of what he's doing!

SandyCarlson said...

That really is a blessing. It's wonderful someone cares about the building and is remodeling it and sharing the history. God bless!

becky said...

Hi Paulie! Thanks for asking about Don. He is ok now so I guess that is my blessing for today. It is always neat to do something different from our normal routines. I really appreciate the new things.

Malyss said...

I like the whole story:those persons saving this old house, you following them with your pictures, the woman that saw your photos on Internet,... and at the end, you visiting this house!this is a beautyful adventure, what ever way you look at it. Great!

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