Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another small sunflower spotted!

I saw this one trying to grow before the cooler temperatures of Autumn hit. The yellow is so pale compared to most sunflowers I have seen. It is cared for -- the owners have tied the stalks to the building so it won't tip over. It's on a little downtown church building. CLICK on to enlarge and get a real treat!


Luke Wiley said...

An interesting sunflower!

dot said...

Nice sunflower shot. It looks very delicate.

Katney said...

That looks like one of the Lemon Yellow ones. I love to mix my sunflower colors. Of course, I didn't even get them planted this year.

Kerri said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! The yellow is so muted from the norm....I wonder if that is just because it is at the end of the growing season. I LOVE it!

Malyss said...

Strange yellow;But with the beautyful purple behind, that makes a pretty picture.

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