Monday, May 4, 2009

Double Blessing!

Well, I wrote about Kathy /WA in my post below as my blessing last week. Today, that became a double blessing as she sent me a little package. . . I thought it might be the missing camera cable but her letter said otherwise. I was just planning on filling the photo card and then making a CD of it so I could use the photos but she had something different in mind. I unwrapped the tiny package that came in the manila envelope. IT WAS A CARD READER! You put the card from the camera into it after connecting it to a USB and you can then click on each photo to see what you have. AND THEN YOU CAN USE YOUR NEW PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Definitely a week full of blessings for me! (And over 500 new photos before the rains hit again!)

So, Kathy, here is my first group of photos dedicated to you . . . for being such a wonderful friend. I feel like I just died and went to heaven!CLICK on to enlarge if you want to see something special. . .


Malyss said...

We must thank Kathy too, because thanks to her, we can discover your wonderful pictures. All are beautyful but I especially love the first one.

Katney said...

I like the last one. I am glad that the tulips are still out there for you. Mine are all gone now. We get these winds which whip them to bits before their time. But the rose bushes are reviving nicely and I planted five new ones. Nexst month should see some glory there.

RuneE said...

I see that you have used your camera in full measure - a pleasure to see those beautiful flowers. Especially against that blue sky.

PS If you should buy yourself a new computer: Try to get one with the card-reader built in - they are MUCH faster. Ir is almost like reading from the PS's memory. And I agree - USB is no fun. I use an external reader for my laptop like you do.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Great photos your taking with that camera, Paulie!

Anonymous said...

Cool flowers, Paulie. I really loved the contrast with the sky on the next to last one.

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