Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

If you care to join us acknowledging our blessings go here: Blue Panther

Do you see that beautiful photo up there right after the link to Blue Panther? No? You sure? Hmmmmm, well, that's ok because there isn't one. Ü So how can that be a blessing? Well my blessing comes without the printed photo today because my blessing is a friend who made it possible for me to still take photos even tho something happened to my camera and I am still searching for the receipt so I can send it in to the company and get it fixed.

You see. . . Katney over at this blog sent me a surprise in the mail. . . she loaned me her old camera to use until I can get my own. I didn't completely miss the tulip season or the Grand Opening of Turtle Place (which reminds me I need to get that blog up to date-- now that it is a reality.) When I get the card used up, I will go make a CD at Walgreens and then I will have photos to share again that are "recent." instead of digging into my archives. Ü It sure has lifted my spirits! In the meantime, she is looking for the equipment so I can download right to my computer. Sooooooooooooooo, this week, Kathy/WA is my blessing, a real blessing indeed! I post no photo to remind me that one day soon, it will all change because I was able to take photos of current things and not miss out on the photographic memories for lack of a working camera. It is good to have such a generous friend!


CyberCelt said...

Oh, no! Your new camera broke.

I know you are thankful to your friend for lending you a camera. That is a special person that knows how much you enjoy taking pictures on your walks.

Sometimes bummers turn into blessings. Have a great week.

SandyCarlson said...

What a kind and caring and generous friend. Very wonderful.

diXymiss said...

Perfectly wonderful blessings ~ a camera to borrow and a thoughtful friend. It just doesn't get much better than that! ;-)

Malyss said...

What a wonderful friend you have! you're a lucky woman, and she is the perfect friend.Knowing how much you can miss your camera, I can imagine how glad you could be when she send one to you.I share your joy, Paulie!

Anonymous said...

How kind of Katney! (Though I've enjoyed your archives, too.)


Sue said...

What an awesome thing to do! Good friends are definitely a blessing!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Egads! I'm glad you have a loaner... and Kathy/WA, thanks from ALL the fans of Paulie!

cieldequimper said...


Whatever said...

Put simply, your friend rocks.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

WOW! What a friend! ;-)

Katney said...

You are welcome.

I've enjoyed your archives, so don't give up on them while taking new pictures. But I could feel your pain whne you were out and about without a camera. You told me not to send it, but I don't listen very well.

Actually, it might be fun to dedicate a day to old photos. I wonder who could find the oldest. I sometimes post some out of my Dad's album.

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