Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Growing an Avocado plant . . .

When Katney and Martha and their hubbies and I went camping last summer, they had an avocado for part of the recipe in one of our cookouts. I had heard of people rooting the big seed for a plant so I asked to keep it which they gladly gave me. After another day of camping, I brought it home and rigged up a glass to hold part of the big seed immersed in water and the rest in the air. I used a couple items I found in my utensil drawer including a Easter egg dipper (used when coloring eggs for Easter) and a flat green plastic item I have no idea what use it might be for -- I probably got it at a Tupperware party or something. Anyway, it worked holding the seed half in the water and half above it.

I left it there for what seemed forever, and kept refilling the water in the glass to the top. One day, the seed split on the bottom and roots started to grow! They got very long. YES, I forgot to take a photo of them! Then I transferred the plant to a tall glass vase. After awhile, the seed started sprouting on the top and that's when I knew I had something serious in front of me actually growing into a beautiful plant.

I guess I should look it up on the internet and see if I am supposed to plant it or if it will keep growing in just water. Isn't it pretty?

If you are wondering why the stem is so crooked it is because the plant was looking for light. I have no windows in my kitchen where I started rooting this BUT finally got wise and moved it closer to the window in my living room.

NOTE: I just found out on Google that my plant has to be planted out of doors in the spring!!!!!!! I am so disappointed. I was hoping for another house plant. I will be able to plant it and keep it indoors in a big pot until then. I hope it doesn't die on me. Maybe it will look nice in a big pot on our single balcony on the 8th floor where I have an apartment?

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Malyss said...

I had one avocado once. I kept it several years long, and it became more than two meters high!. I had it the same way as you.
If yours could grow so high and with those pretty leaves, it means that it is happy. I suggest you not to put it outside. It grew up inside, and does not know wind, cold or pollution. let it inside;give it some food, that's all.

RuneE said...

At least it gives a spot of life and green around the house, and that is the important thing!

PS Thank you for the comment - don't forget the colours of my own flag...

Jenny McB said...

Very cool, I didn't realize how tall it would get. I would go the houseplant route, it does seem happy.

Martha Z said...

How nice to see our baby seed grown up.

SandyCarlson said...

Those are wonderful photos. Thanks, friend.

katney said...

Do pot it. It would not thrive outside in your climate and will do better growing nicely in a pot. It won't likely grow to the size of the ones I grew up with, some of which were probably as tall as a three story building.

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

Good luck with the avocado plant ;-)
I love the shadowy photos!
Hugs and blessings,

Cindi said...

I bet you could keep it as a plant inside...unless you have your heart set on harvesting an avocado or two from it.

Gypsy Lala said...

Wow, Avocado is my favorite fruits, I like it so much. I have one Avocado planted in the backyard, it doesn't bear fruits since 9 years ago I planted it.
But, I like your Avocado plant with the shadow, great shot.

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