Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photos from my new camera. . . snowmen, of course!

These four are new this year. Got the first two from my blog friend, Sami and the other two in an ornament exchange at our church ladies Xmas party.
Poor little guy -- melting so fast, it looks like it is sliding down a cold blue hill!
This angel ornament is also from Sami. Took a photo of it on my little blue quilt -- there's snowmen on the other side of the quilt! You can't see its wings on the tree so thought it would photograph better on this but it is dark too. It is like little gold leaves/branches for wings. . .CLICK on to make bigger to see wings.

Thanks, Sami, for being so thoughtful and knowing how much I love snow. . .

This ceramic snowman has a hole star in it and is quite heavy. To the left of it is my oldest ornament. I made the angel from pink felt for our first Christmas tree after I was married back in '67.
This one, I got with the star ceramic snowman above for our Christmas exchange at church. We wrapped an ornament (or two in my case) and were given numbers from a basket. We got to pick a package from under the tree , lowest number first. I was number 18 out 20!!!!! We could "steal" an ornament from someone else who had opened a gift before us or choose something under the tree. Of course, I stole it but I was the third one that "owned it" so no one could take it away from me. The snowman's body is made from a large bell on the bottom. To the left of it is a little white wooden church given to me from a child in Sunday School in '92 -- he and his dad made them. Just to the top left of the snowman is a gingerbread man made from cinnamon applesauce recipe and it still smells great after 14 years!

It is good to be back with new photos from my new camera!


Malyss said...

I understand that feeling, being able again to use something we could not use anymore!Ü
I wonder if you collect the snowmen, and items about snow? I'll try to find you some pictures about that, (but where I live snow is soooo seldom!!)

SandyCarlson said...

Those are delightful snowmen, Paulie. What a great, cheery collection you have.

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed seeing your tree and learning about some of your treasures. The new additions look right at home. I'm so happy you like them, my friend.

Katney said...

I am glad that youa re learning to use your new camera. I hope it gives you as many or more good years of service as the old one.

Haven't heard back about mine yet.

Gramma L said...

Love the little snowmen. Have fun with your new camera.

RuneE said...

Welcome back with the new camera! I see your are putting it to good use already. You've got a great season for photography ahaead.

Jenny McB said...

Congratulations on a new camera.

We were just talking about Christmas trees and the stories behind ornaments. We have a cinnamon gingerbread mad also who still "smells" lovely after all these years. I feel like the Christmas tree is a visual walk down memory lane, remembering past Christmases just by looking at the ornaments.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Ok it looks like i need to catch up again, So glad that you got that new camera. I just got my tree up which i wasn't going to do, but then i thought about it again. Altho it is a fight trying to keep the cats from eating on it. I guess they think it is green grass, artificial and then they upchuck. I was just telling Nevada that i would love to get new decorations and of course being a man he said what for? I would really love to have more then one tree, the old and the new.

becky voyles said...

I didn't know you were a snowman person, Paulie. I have enjoyed what you have taken & written since your camera's demise. I love the falling snow on your blog! Thanks for all your comments on mine.

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