Friday, September 25, 2009

Farewell 104th!

CLICK on to enlarge to read about them. This sign is on the parade grounds of the Historic Reserve operated by the National Park Service.CLICK on it to read the backgroudn information about the 104th!

Last Saturday, it rained "cats and dogs" but even so, our city held a party for the 104th Division of the US Army Reserve. It was a going away party and to celebrate their years of service here in Vancouver. They will be headquartered in Tacoma now.First, there was a free Pancake Breakfast followed by the official ceremony for saying goodbye to the 104th that had served us so well for over 150 years.
The colorguard standing at attention just before the national anthem was sung. The American flag was still in position while the two other flags dropped a notch during the song.

After the band played, there were speeches from the Mayor and other dignitaries. Then, the ceremony followed as my photos show below.
The band moved off the field so they could play for the entire parade.
The jeeps got in line. . .
Jeeps followed the color guard off the field. . .

Followed by some of the 104th Division of the US Army Reserves. . .

Anyone who had served in the Army Reserves or other military were honored with a medal and then marched out (past us) with the 104th to show departure from Vancouver Barracks. The disabled Vets got to receive their medals and then were escorted back to their reserved seats under the tent shelter (where I was also lucky enough to find a spot.)
The band played patriotic songs the whole time. . .
and they were the last to leave the parade grounds, a symbol of the 104th departure from Vancouver forever.

Afterwards, there were booths to see displays and have fun and eat if you chose to buy something also. One booth in particular had 8 large display boards with photos from the 104th reserve's service all over the world, including WW2. It was very impressive. I asked the reservist who put it together if it would get published into a booklet that we could buy but he said there were no immediate plans and the boards would go to Tacoma and be on display there. It is too bad that a copy could not be placed in our museum here.


Malyss said...

At least you kept pictures and the story of it on your blog.That's alqays moving when a part of army that was in a town is leaving for somewhere else. we had that too, here, and people were very sad. It's like if a part of the city's history was disappearing. it also has economic consequences.
it's a sad moment, and I guess the rain gave a saddest mood even.

Pam said...

Great photos. The band would have added much to the occasion, and it looks impressive despite the weather! Best wishes to them in their new base and maintaining past ties.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

You've changed the look of your blog! Neato!

SandyCarlson said...

Very cool. Your town is awesome.

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