Thursday, August 28, 2008

Narada Falls -- Mount Rainier

This was the first place we stopped to view the waterfalls at Mt. Rainier. We pulled in to a parking area and took some photos from above the falls

before following a trail and looking down on it,

then down a stairway, (view from the bottom, looking back up towards the top of road where waterfall begins
down to the bottom of the Narada Falls where many of these photos were taken.

If you would like to ee more Mount Rainier photos, go here:
Postcards From Paulie


becky voyles said...

Hi Paulie! I was thinking that was you since I don't know that many Paulie's! LOL I was just wondering why you started another blog not that it is really any of my business. These photos are lovely. I liked the stone steps. I also liked the idea of the other blog about benches. I'll have to look for those now for you. Glad you liked my artistic story. Thanks. It was an assignment for my son but I decided to write my own. Thanks again for the coments.

diXymiss said...

Beautiful! I've not been to Narada Falls (yet), but with piX like this of yours (and Katneys') I'm raring to go soon!

ThanX for the tip on checking my photo storage space ~ worked like a charm. I'm always happy to learn something new. :-)

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Spectacular photos... I am so impressed with the waterfalls and the concrete steps. Outstanding pictures. The sounds out there must've been incredible!!
Mountain Retreat

Love Bears All Things said...

I wasn't sure who PERBS was.
I know you could just see God's majesty at the falls. That is how I always feel when I see one. The trees are pretty too.
I will be offline for a few days until Tuesday night. I'll be in touch then.
Yes Ronda and I are getting acquainted.
Mama Bear

SandyCarlson said...

These are beautiful, as is this new blog. I must get to your side of our country and have a look at this wonder.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow Paulie, these are fabulous, now i know i want to come to your part of the NW LOL like the look of your new blog.

dot said...

Nice pictures of the falls. I really love your header photo too.

Gramma L said...

Nice new blog you have. I love the header. These photo's of the Falls are just spectacular. It's wonderful to experience the beauty of the world the Lord has created, and great that you can share those gorgeous pictures with the rest of us.

Malyss said...

Seen from here, where it's soo hot, all these waterfalls just look attractive, great, fresh!!
there must be a lot of noise with all this water falling down...
great shots

Rambling Woods said...

Wow that is beautiful...

ArneA said...

Yes I found your waterfalls and some of the photos of them really seems to be fountains more than falls.
I came down at last

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